Developing  creativity  with  existing  materials  and reconsidering  our purpose as designers

I jumped on this project by chance. A friend of mine slashed his kite in half against the rocks in La Turbia, Fuerteventura, and there was no way of repairing it in a successful way. He gave it to me and I realised that the kite fabrication had many potential ways of being upcycled for its quality and durability. Since then I developed a sensibility to understand material possibilities and the transformative power of wasted and unwanted textiles. I have been sourcing all my working materials from kitesurf and windsurf schools, kite rentals and surf shops, friends who kite or sail, textile waste from factories and hotel textile deadstock. I am working with local businesses here in the Canary Islands to source materials, develop screen printing projects and sell finished products.

The projects are made to fit the shape, size and graphic placement of the upcycled material. I work analysing the feeling and weight of the textiles, studying the best combinations of the rescued materials to make the most of their qualities. We design and rework our own patterns to make them to measure to the format of the pre-existing objects to take advantage of their components. Each project takes off from the material reference and combines a practical and creative approach in order to design fresh and desirable accessories and clothing.
Every item is made by the FTV STUDIO team in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, with industrial and domestic sewing machines and finished by hand. Every piece is unique and, even if two models are made with the same fabrication, they have different material details and graphic features. 



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